Taking the hard out of hardware
Architecture Search ( Nordic nRF52 / STM32 / Dialog / Arduino )
Level 0
Hello Hardware
A brief introduction to firmware workflow
Level 1
Tool chain, IDE setup, Run Default Code
Set up your PC to build firmware applications & run your first code snippet 
Level 2
GPIO - LED & Button
Learn to switch on/off LEDs & get inputs from buttons
Level 3
Learn to configure timers to execute events periodically
Level 4
Setting Up PWM
Learn how to set up PWM & dim an LED
Level 5
Setting Up UART
Learn to receive & transmit data using UART
Level 6
I2C Set UP
Learn how to set up I2C & talk to sensors
Level 7
Setting up SPI
Learn how to set up SPI & talk to sensors & other MCUs
Level 8
Working with ADC
Learn to set up ADC & measure analog voltages
Level 9
Setting up Interrupts
Learn how to create Interrupts & execute tasks on demand
Level 10
Set up Watchdog Timers
Learn how to set up WDT & reset the microcontroller when it hangs